Lush | Angels On Bare Skin

Let’s talk Lush!

I encountered Lush for the very first time over two years ago. Lilly, Ellie and I were in Vancouver on a school trip when we passed an amazing smelling store with soaps on display. Now this may or may not come as a surprise, but I LOVE solid soap, especially when it also looks beautiful. Just seeing decorative soaps together makes my heart skip a beat. So of course I had to go in and smell the flowers (read: soaps). The girls were kind enough to indulge me and in we went. The store was Lush, of course, and I was mesmerised .

For some reason, I was the only one who didn’t end up buying something that day, but I’ve since made up for it and become a Lushie. (It hasn’t helped my bank account that the ladies working at my local Lush are the sweetest, quirkiest, most fun girls. They’re fabulous enablers. :D)

Which brings me to the product I want to talk about today! A while back I was having some break-outs on my face (as per usual), so I went to browse at Lush and lo and behold, I found this cleanser: Angels On Bare Skin.

As you can see, it contains lavender flowers (so cute!), which works exfoliating, as well as lavender oil which is supposed to soothe the skin. Lavender oil is said to have healing properties and is antiseptic and antibacterial. Another noticable ingredient is ground almonds which acts as an extra exfoliant.


A full list of ingredients:

Ground Almonds
Water (Aqua)
Lavender Oil
Rose Absolute
Chamomile Blue Oil
Tagetes Oil
Benzoin Resinoid
Lavender Flowers

The ingredients contain links which lead back to Lush pages explaining their uses and properties.

In use, it’s probably a little different from what you’re used to… You need to take a (pea-sized) bit of Angels On Bare Skin with clean(!) hands and add some water to the product in your hand (so not to the whole pot). Then when you have the product and the water in the palm of your hand, you have to mix it up until it becomes a paste.


I accidentally added a little too much water to my mixture which caused it to be a little too water-y and runny (as you can see). When you have your paste, you rub it on your skin. As I mentioned, the lavender flowers add a little extra texture and help exfoliate your face. When you’ve put on the paste, you can either take it off immediately after rubbing it on, or you can let it sink in a little while and take it off after a few minutes. Both ways work well, it just depends on what you prefer. But if you want to keep it on a little while, I definitely suggest adding less water than I did, because it’ll run down your face.


The reason it’s so important to keep water away from this product until you want to use it, is because otherwise it’ll grow mold (which I know sounds alarming!). Lush tries to use as little preservatives as possible to keep their products as natural as they can. But the flipside to this means that the products are less protected against bacteria.

We all know bacteria love water. Bacteria use moist places as their breeding ground, so if you add water to Angels On Bare Skin long before using it, you risk bacteria making the cleanser their home (which we clearly don’t want!) Same goes for touching the product with dirty hands: you’ll introduce bacteria to the whole pot. If you only add water at the last minute, bacteria don’t have the time to get up in your business.

The pot has further instructions and a use-by date (usually about 3-5 months after it was made), but if you follow the rules I pointed out above, you might be able to use your pot of Angels On Bare Skin for longer than 3 months. I know I did.
But if the cleaser starts smelling funny (or becomes moldy), you should definitely toss it.

All in all, I’ve been loving this product. It’s very gentle on the skin and cleanses well. After using it, my skin always feels fresh and it doesn’t make my face feel tight. It also makes my skin feel a little softer, which is a plus.
Using Angels can be a bit of a hassle (with the process you have to go through), but I feel it’s worth it. It’s a pleasant cleanser that’s soft on the skin, which was exactly what I needed.

It works well on dry skin, but if you have a greasier skintype, you should also be able to find a Lush cleanser that’s more suited to the needs of your skin.








Birthday | I got a lil’ somethin’

My birthday was a while ago which means I got presents! Because Lilly and Ellie don’t live near me, I only saw them again for our graduation ceremony, so I wasn’t able to receive the gifts they got me until then. I figured today I’d show you what the chicas got me.


They pooled their resources together and enlisted the help of Ellie’s dad. They send Ellie’s dad on a trip to Ulta while he was in the US for business, which I gather had some funny results. He was a little out of his depth, apparently… 😀


I’m a sucker for a nude eyepalette, so I was so excited when I opened the wrapping and out came this puppy: The Balm’s Nude ‘Tude!

DSCN3380 DSCN3387

It’s an absolute stunner, and I love The Balm’s cruelty-free attitude.

Ellie and Lilly had also got me the Real Techniques eye brushes set. I’d been drooling over this for a long time, but I’d never gotten around to actually buying it for myself. So I’m very happy that the girls were able to amend that!

DSCN3292 DSCN3298

And they’re so soft! (And also cruelty-free, yay!) Aren’t they beauties?! The girls know me so well!
Thanks again for the presents, Ellie and Lilly.

I love them! Now that the weather is a bit better and the sun is shining a little more lately, I could take some pictures and do some reviews if anyone’s interested… 🙂





Beauty | MAC Techniques Class


Céline with finished makeup look

A while ago, one of my friends Céline invited me to a MAC Techniques class. Of course, I was immediately intrigued. She was quite the connaisseur already when it came to MAC products, but I had only ever admired them from afar. I decided to take the chance and sign up for my first ever makeup class.

The class cost € 50, which you could redeem for makeup at the end of the lesson. The theme of the class was Signature Look. The whole idea was to find the colours that best suited you.


After we had got ourselves installed in the makeup room, one person was chosen as demonstration. While applying the makeup on the left side of the volunteer’s face, the Makeup Artist (MUA) walked us through the steps and techniques she used while we all wrote it down on a little notepad we’d received.

DSCN1511Once she’d finished the demonstration, we could get started. We each received a little glass plate, on which she gave us dollops of the products we would then use.

The MUA picked a day creme for everyone individually, after asking about what skin type each of us had.

After we’d treated our skin, we had to use a primer, so the makeup would adhere better to our skin. The primer also contained algae which works soothing. This serves to counteract any redness.

DSCN1517Which leads to the next product: concealer! We each got a bit of concealer to hide the problem areas on our skin.


Then the MUA matched us with foundation. This is when they taught us you always have to match your foundation to your jawline. Though I feel my match wasn’t perfect. The foundation they had me use (NW 15), felt slightly too dark and yellow for my skin colour. Maybe all this apprehension is due to the fact that I never wear foundation. I’m very fair with a pink undertone, so it’s very hard to match my skin. I don’t tan (I lobster), so darker foundation would never get used, even during summertime. I also always worry that foundation will look too cake-y on me.

DSCN15161Once we’d applied our foundation, we moved on to bronzer (which I also never use!) Which I put in the hollows of my cheeks, starting at my ears.

Next up was blush. They gave me Margin Frost to use, which was nice, but not really a colour I’d automatically go for as it’s brown-ish of colour and has a frosty finish. I think they were desperately trying to make me appear slightly tanned. 😀 Poor them, that’s almost mission impossible.

Then it was time for highlighter. Not something I usually reach for, but it was very nice. And I like that we had to use finger application for this product. As nice as the brushes are (and they’re really nice), I mostly apply my makeup with my fingers, so this was familiar territory for me.

DSCN1519 DSCN1530 After we’d “put our face on”, the MUA looked at our eyes and deliberated on which eyelook to go for. She decided to give me brown eyeshadows to complement my blue eyes.

But first, we used a paint pot as our eye base. I used the Constructivist paint pot over my entire upper eyelid. I put Dazzlelight on the inner part of my upper eyelid and Bronze in my crease. Then I lined my upper and lower lashline with Teddy eyeliner. I finished the look off with some mascara. Et voilà, the eyelook was done!

As final touch, I put Viva Glam V on my lips. It’s such a great lipstick. I fell (a little) in love with it… ♥


This was the finished look:


And that signalled the end of the class. We went down to the shop to redeem our € 50. I ended up buying some products I’d used in the class.