Travel | Edinburgh Day 4 & 5

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So for the next part of our Edinburgh adventure:




Personal| Happy Easter!

Hi lovelies, HappyEaster We just wanted to wish you guys a happy Easter! We’ve got a little video for you after the jump! (more…)

Travel | Edinburgh Day 1 & 2

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Warning: text heavy post!



So for the long awaited Edinburgh report. This was supposed to be a video report. Something different isn’t it? We have been wanting to make video’s and vlogs for a long time  and in Edinburgh we finally did round to doing some properly. We had so much fun doing it and felt a bit like real bloggers. But, of course there has to be a but, otherwise you would already have laid eyes on these said videos. After hours of editing (I have a tendency to ramble), it just won’t compile, render out or however it’s called. One or two have made it onto YouTube but more about that later.


Rituals | Qi relaxing serum

Rituals Qi Front

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Today I have a product for you that I feel has a very popular kin. I have seen Origins Peace Of Mind making a couple of appearances on my bloglovin feed recently. This product isn’t new or anything, I just noticed that lots of people are loving it recently. If you are like me, seeing a product you think you might like and might actually be exactly what you are looking for, you are really bummed out when finding out there’s no (cheap/ easy/ any) way of getting it where you live.