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A (very long) while ago, I showed you what I got makeup wise for my birthday. Today I’m expanding on that post and showing you the Nude ‘Tude palette. I’d been pining for this palette for some time when my friends gave it to me.

First things first… I have to say I’m not wild about the use of cardboard in make-up packaging. It always makes me apprehensive because I’m quite the klutz and I’m afraid I’ll drop the product and it’ll be destroyed. That being said, I have dropped the product (yes, I wasn’t exagerating about being clumsy) and so far, it’s held up remarkably. All the eyeshadows were intact, so perhaps my dislike of cardboard is unfair.

But other than my aversion towards cardboard, I love everything about the packaging! The design is very cute, but also a tad bold and even a bit naughty… The pinup style ladies look great and give the palette a little edge that you usually don’t associate with neutral/nude eyeshadows.

The palette closes magnetically (and the magnets are pretty strong), so it shouldn’t open in your bag. It has a big mirror, which is another pro in favour of using this palette on the go. And a third selling point involving the packaging, is the brush. While it’s not an amazing brush, it’s adequate and it’ll definitely due in a pinch. If you were to take this palette on holiday and you forgot your brushes, you wouldn’t need to rush out to get replacements. The included brush should do just fine.

One end of the brush can be used to line your lids with the darkest shade, while the other end can be used all over the lid and in the crease.

A closer look

Click for a closer look

Now on to the shades… How do they perform?

Sassy - Stubborn - Snobby - Stand-offish (sun)

Sassy - Stubborn - Snobby - Stand-offish (shade)

Sassy – Stubborn – Snobby – Stand-offish (top: sun, bottom: shade)

  • Sassy: A metalic white that reflects a lot of light.
  • Stubborn: A pearly pink with a cool undertone.
  • Snobby: A yellow eyeshadow with a pearl finish and a slight shimmer.
  • Stand-offish: A metalic peach with a golden undertone.

Selfish - Sophisticated - Sultry - Seductive (sun)

Selfish - Sophisticated - Sultry - Seductive (shade)

Selfish – Sophisticated – Sultry – Seductive  (top: sun, bottom: shade)

  • Selfish: A metalic brown with a cool undertone.
  • Sophisticated: A dark brown cool-toned eyeshadow with glitter. This one is not very pigmented and but is buildable.
  • Sultry: A matte warm brown eyeshadow.
  • Seductive: A metalic warm brown that refects beautifully.

Sexy - Serious - Silly - Sleek (sun)

Sexy - Serious - Silly - Sleek (shade)

Sexy – Serious – Silly – Sleek (top: sun, bottom: shade)

  • Sexy: A beautiful matte burgundy purple.
  • Serious: An matte black that intensifies a look, but can apply quite chalky.
  • Silly: A brown glitterbomb! This eyeshadow is not very pigmented at all, but it’s full of golden and copper glitter.
  • Sleek: A deep brown matte eyeshadow. Not the easiest too apply (it’s a little chalky), but it’s buildable.

All in all, I really like this palette. The only thing I miss, is a matte highlighter.

The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented, with just a few shades that don’t quite perform in the pigment department. I prefer the metallics shades to the mattes, because the mattes are all a bit chalky and the metallic and pearl finishes apply like a dream.

Nude ‘Tude has a few little problems with some specific shades, like I mentioned above, but other than those, it’s a great addition to any make-up stash. (That is if you are in the market for a neutral palette.) It has a wide colour range (within the “nude” category), so I can also see it working for variating skin tones.



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