Travel | Edinburgh Day 3

Hi Lovelies

So for part 2 of our Edinburgh adventure:


We left you at the end of our second day in Edinburgh. On day 3 we explored the Royal Mile. The Royal Mile is a nice cobbled touristy street filled with whiskey shops, souvenir shops, restaurants and more. And one of those well hidden gems is the museum of Childhood.

Laure and I playing snakes and ladders in the museum of Childhood. Laure won which totally made her day.

Laure and I playing snakes and ladders in the museum of Childhood. Laure won which totally made her day.

The place is jam packed with lots of toys of all different eras.  I don’t want to spoil too much with tons of pictures but there are dolls, doll houses, board games, bicycles…

Christmas dude

There was also a shop dedicated entirely to all things Christmas. Not so strange you might think but it is a bit weird walking into Jingle Bells in the middle of summer. There we found this cute little guy. Had it not been for the almost tropic temperatures he would have come home with me.

We were on the top floor! Down there is reception

We were on the top floor! Down there is reception

After that we went to the hostel to drop our stuff off and afterwards we walked the other end of the Royal Mile leading up to the Castle: home to most of the whiskey shops and the more impressive architecture.


After that we split up. Lilly walked up to the Castle and Laure and I walked towards Princess Street Gardens again. Lilly really wanted to see the Castle but for Laure and me, it was just too busy and crowded.

As I can’t really tell much about the castle other than the stuff I Googled I’ll just insert a few of Lilly’s stunning pictures.

DSCN4132 DSCN4153 DSCN4149 DSCN4144

Lilly walked towards Princess Street Gardens around the Castle to meet up with us at HMV.


Laure and I walked a different way thinking it would be shorter. It probably wasn’t as Lilly was at HMV a lot earlier than we were. Believe me we made this mistake quite a few times during this trip. So my advice, and I will probably give it again, hiking shoes/ boots/ sandals/ whatever but find some shoes you can walk a fair distance in. The historical town isn’t that big but the hills make it trickier to just keep walking everywhere. We aren’t at the best of our possible physical abilities, but we are mostly at the same level. Whereas Laure and especially me had such aching feet every step felt like one to much Lilly just kept dragging us across town. I think the clue might lie in our footwear. Lilly wore some proper walking boots, Laure a low heeled court shoe and I either wore a pair of heeled boots or some flimsy sandals. All of that to say: if you plan to see a lot of the city, take proper shoes!


Now back to what I was saying. Laure and I walked back to Princes street passing these beautiful houses. This probably another famous sight of Edinburgh but on the contrary to the hustle and bustle at the castle we only encountered a handful of people when wandering around.

We were instantly jealous of the people who live there. The houses seem to be form a fairy tale and their gardens just are to die for. I’m a country girl and a garden can get me excited especially one slap bang in the middle of a city.

DSCN2495DSCN2502 DSCN2507


Further along the way we decided it was the perfect opportunity to try vlogging again. It kind of worked. It isn’t amazing quality and probably not very interesting, but we had fun trying our hand at it.


For dinner we went to a Bella Italia style place. Lilly ordered peperoni pizza, Laure a salad and I went for spaghetti.

Deciding what to get was in no way easy as everything on the menu sounded delicious.



After dinner we wandered around a bit more before going back to the hotel to drop off the goodies of the day. That night we decided to go to a pub. We didn’t opt for the rather noisy one next to the hostel but went to explore the Royal Mile for a bit. There we stumbled across The Royal McGregor. Lilly had the most delicious orange juice while Laure and I had a boozy hot chocolate, which basically is hot chocolate with some liquor in it. In Laure’s case it was Baileys, in mine whiskey. We also tried to upload our first YouTube video while we were there.

I have to admit I don’t remeber much of this day. And no the boozy hot chocolate has nothing to do with that. It was just a nice day of strolling trough the city and hanging round Princes Street Gardens and HMV and Waterstone. The three of us have a weak spot for books and movies. Let us loose in either of those stores and we are good for a few hours. Hearing that HMV no longer exists made us all a little sad by consequence. We don’t really have stores that can compare in Belgium so it’s going to be weird not to go into one this summer.

That concluded another lovely day.

Lots of Love




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