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Rituals Qi Front

Hi lovelies,

Today I have a product for you that I feel has a very popular kin. I have seen Origins Peace Of Mind making a couple of appearances on my bloglovin feed recently. This product isn’t new or anything, I just noticed that lots of people are loving it recently. If you are like me, seeing a product you think you might like and might actually be exactly what you are looking for, you are really bummed out when finding out there’s no (cheap/ easy/ any) way of getting it where you live.

Rituals Qi Front

Here in Belgium we don’t have the joy of having Origins (to my dismay! I fell in love with the Ginzing moisturizer on a trip to Edinburgh and I regret not buying it) there is an other brand here that can fill the void: Rituals!
I love Rituals, and everyone I have introduced to the brand generally has nothing bad to say about it. Most people find something they love in the (it has to be said) quite small Rituals range. The only thing is the price though… I’m still a budget girl throughout and going to Rituals always kind of hurts (either the bank or not being able to get all those goodies). Makes me happy too though, I’ve already eyed up some amazing products from their new collection.

Rituals Qi front no cap

But this one is a winner. The Qi stress relief serum does kind of the same thing as the Origins one. I can’t compare, not having had the Origins one, but Qi in my opinion is quite good.

It comes in nice little packaging. Just a small minty green tube with a silver lid and a pump. You can find easy and clear instructions at the back.

Rituals Qi back

It’s a white lotion. One pump gives you a small amount. The lotion once rubbed between the fingers turns clear.

Qi_creme_w Qi_Cremegesmeerd_W

This product, I guess, uses two old healing theories to do it’s job. Aromatherapy and pressure points.

You have to apply the very fragrant, yet not overpowering smelling lotion on you temples forehead and neck. And let those places be where there are pressure points. Not to go all out but basically these points are scattered all over the body and have a calming/ healing effect when stimulated = massaged. Even if you don’t have a lotion just massaging your temples when stressed puts you at ease a bit more. Most people do it as an automatic reaction. That’s why this product is so clever. It uses an action you would do anyway and helps it along a little bit. The Chinese mint in this opens you airways and helps getting rid of that boxed in, I-can’t-breathe feeling. There’s also something about mint that clears my head, but maybe that’s just me. It also has got a soft/sweet undertone to it that helps the calming down.

It’s the perfect size for on the go. And even if you not stressed, it’s nice to have a little moment to yourself while applying this.

Rituals Qi Pump

Even though I really believe things like aromatherapy and pressure points have a real place in modern day medicine (I’m a nurse, and being so, has made me even more convinced of that), I wouldn’t have picked this up cause I generally don’t get stressed that often. (I’m an avoider, avoid stressy situations at all costs…) That being said, I actually picked this up for my mom. We were in the shop together when she got a headache and it was getting worse. I applied a bit of this on her temples and it was like a weight was lifted. She gets this frowny look when she has a headache and that disappeared immediately.
We’ve had it for a while and I have to say since using it regularly way back I haven’t heard her complain about headaches as much. That could be to do with lots of other things but I don’t think it did her any harm either. She also noted it made her sleep better when using it before bed.

So all in all a good little trooper this one. A bit pricey at 10.50 euros for 10 ml but it does go a long way. We’ve had it for over a year, I think, and my mom has got some good use out of it.

Is this the kind of product you believe in? Would you part with your money for something like this?


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