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bloglovin is this awesome place where you can kind of collect all the blogs you would like to keep up to date with. I have also linked a couple of most loved tumblr blogs on there so when I don’t feel like muscling through all those post I have the ones I really don’t want to miss in an other place.
Also brilliant: if you haven’t marked it as read, I will keep showing up in you feed. Just for the times you don’t have the time to read that long lovely post and don’t want to forget about it when you are installed with a nice cuppa on the bed at night.

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Rituals | Qi relaxing serum

Rituals Qi Front

Hi lovelies,

Today I have a product for you that I feel has a very popular kin. I have seen Origins Peace Of Mind making a couple of appearances on my bloglovin feed recently. This product isn’t new or anything, I just noticed that lots of people are loving it recently. If you are like me, seeing a product you think you might like and might actually be exactly what you are looking for, you are really bummed out when finding out there’s no (cheap/ easy/ any) way of getting it where you live.


Beauty | MAC Techniques Class


Céline with finished makeup look

A while ago, one of my friends Céline invited me to a MAC Techniques class. Of course, I was immediately intrigued. She was quite the connaisseur already when it came to MAC products, but I had only ever admired them from afar. I decided to take the chance and sign up for my first ever makeup class.

The class cost € 50, which you could redeem for makeup at the end of the lesson. The theme of the class was Signature Look. The whole idea was to find the colours that best suited you.


After we had got ourselves installed in the makeup room, one person was chosen as demonstration. While applying the makeup on the left side of the volunteer’s face, the Makeup Artist (MUA) walked us through the steps and techniques she used while we all wrote it down on a little notepad we’d received.

DSCN1511Once she’d finished the demonstration, we could get started. We each received a little glass plate, on which she gave us dollops of the products we would then use.

The MUA picked a day creme for everyone individually, after asking about what skin type each of us had.

After we’d treated our skin, we had to use a primer, so the makeup would adhere better to our skin. The primer also contained algae which works soothing. This serves to counteract any redness.

DSCN1517Which leads to the next product: concealer! We each got a bit of concealer to hide the problem areas on our skin.


Then the MUA matched us with foundation. This is when they taught us you always have to match your foundation to your jawline. Though I feel my match wasn’t perfect. The foundation they had me use (NW 15), felt slightly too dark and yellow for my skin colour. Maybe all this apprehension is due to the fact that I never wear foundation. I’m very fair with a pink undertone, so it’s very hard to match my skin. I don’t tan (I lobster), so darker foundation would never get used, even during summertime. I also always worry that foundation will look too cake-y on me.

DSCN15161Once we’d applied our foundation, we moved on to bronzer (which I also never use!) Which I put in the hollows of my cheeks, starting at my ears.

Next up was blush. They gave me Margin Frost to use, which was nice, but not really a colour I’d automatically go for as it’s brown-ish of colour and has a frosty finish. I think they were desperately trying to make me appear slightly tanned. 😀 Poor them, that’s almost mission impossible.

Then it was time for highlighter. Not something I usually reach for, but it was very nice. And I like that we had to use finger application for this product. As nice as the brushes are (and they’re really nice), I mostly apply my makeup with my fingers, so this was familiar territory for me.

DSCN1519 DSCN1530 After we’d “put our face on”, the MUA looked at our eyes and deliberated on which eyelook to go for. She decided to give me brown eyeshadows to complement my blue eyes.

But first, we used a paint pot as our eye base. I used the Constructivist paint pot over my entire upper eyelid. I put Dazzlelight on the inner part of my upper eyelid and Bronze in my crease. Then I lined my upper and lower lashline with Teddy eyeliner. I finished the look off with some mascara. Et voilà, the eyelook was done!

As final touch, I put Viva Glam V on my lips. It’s such a great lipstick. I fell (a little) in love with it… ♥


This was the finished look:


And that signalled the end of the class. We went down to the shop to redeem our € 50. I ended up buying some products I’d used in the class. 




Welcome to our new blog: Peanut+Monkey! We are the girls behind the budget blog: 3 girls on a budget. But as life goes, you move on and since we started out about a year ago our budget and the brands we started out with, have changed. We also got the hang of this blogging business a bit more.

We are still massively enthusiastic about all things beauty and make up, but our interest in DIY (beauty, jewelry, knitting, sewing…) has also been sparked. We discovered the joy of making YouTube videos and we have each come more into our own . We have our own favourite brands, favourite little corner of the beauty world and different ways we manage our money.

For those of you who have followed us here from our other blog, we hope you feel welcome here and you can see why these articles needed a different home. Don’t worry, 3 girls isn’t going to die a silent death. Action, Kruidvat, Catrice and Essence are still brands and shops we like and their home is very much three girls on a budget!

We hope you will enjoy this blog and take away some of our tips and hopefully we can learn from our readers. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Lots of Love

The Peanut+Monkey Team